Adult Socials Lounge

New and seasoned swingers use the Adult Socials' Lounge to meet potential play partners, as well as a safe, stress free way to rendezvous with those they met online. It is also the perfect for Lifestyle friendly special occasions, birthday parties and anniversaries etc. Group rates are available.

While the Adult Socials' Lounge is off-premise, the atmosphere is still erotically charged. Hostesses are on hand to introduce guests to one another and answer general questions about the Lifestyle. For those looking for something more risqué, they even offer information about private, on-premise events.

Single women are always welcome. Single men MUST be accompanied by a female date, and if the female leaves the male leaves with her.

The exclusion of groups of aggressive, testosterone driven men has lead to a friendlier atmosphere; so much so that many, curious about the lifestyle (newbie), chose the Adult Socials' Lounge to wet their feet before taking the plunge.

Of course that doesn't stop veteran swingers from using it as a place to meet old friends and make new ones. Small stickers are worn to distinguish between the curious (green), veteran (red) or those using it as a predetermined meeting place and/or prefer not to be approached (yellow). Guests are free to forgo the practice altogether however most choose to wear them.

To protect guests' anonymity recording devices including camera phones, are forbidden, even with subject consent. For this reason no one is permitted to use a cell phone and required to go to predetermined safe areas to place and receive calls.

Instead of cliquish events where some are made to feel like gatecrashers, at an Adult Socials' promotion, regardless of the theme, all visitors are made to feel welcome. Thus creating an atmosphere, where guests can explore their sexuality in a safe, relaxed environment.